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Welcome to the Lehigh Valley Health & Wellness Guide. We will continue to build this guide to be your best resource for local practictioners in all aspects of health and wellness. Use the categories or use the search box below:

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Guest Articles

Making the Most of Medicare When You Have Diabetes
By Guest Writer Karen Weeks. For seniors suffering from diabetes, Medicare support can be an ongoing issue as their condition fluctuates and evolves. In this short guide, we will try to make it easier to take full advantage of Medicare support for diabetes.
Important Home Hygiene Tips You Should Follow for a Healthier Home
By Guest Writer Laurie Larson. You need a clean home because a clean home is a healthier home. A clean home will be a safer home because it will contain less of the germs , dust and bacteria that make us sick or exacerbate our allergies. A clean home also has the power to lower stress and fatigue.
Self-Improvement in the New Year: How to Make 2019 a Success
By Guest Writer Sheila Olson. When a new year rolls around, many Americans find themselves evaluating their personal and professional lives to find success and motivation over the coming months. However, it's not always easy to do.
Ways to Achieve a Better You in 2019 (No Gym Required)
By Guest Writer Stephanie Haywood. The vast majority of New Year’s resolutions fall flat by February. However, this is because most resolutions involve drastic lifestyle changes that simply aren’t sustainable. Instead of making promises you can’t keep, such as going to the gym every day or turning your back on Snickers, initiate changes you can live with.
Lifestyle Changes for 2019 to Reach Your Health Goals
By Guest Writer Laurie Larson. It’s that time when everyone sets unrealistically high goals for the New Year, most of which won’t stick past February. The main reason is because people set the wrong type of goals. Most resolutions relate to improving one’s health by losing weight, exercising more, or cutting out unhealthy food. These are not bad goals; the problem is they are not specific enough.
How to Feel Good Throughout Your Golden Years
By Guest Writer Karen Weeks. You can live longer and happier if you play your cards right. That’s largely a matter of making smart choices when it comes to your mental and physical health. Eating right, exercising, and putting your intellect to work are all key elements of this endeavor, along with eliminating stress from your day-to-day life and finding a sense of calm.
Practice Self-Care by Focusing on Fitness and Health
By Guest Writer Sheila Olson. Everyone falls victim to stress at some point. You can't control what happens in life, but you can control your reaction to it by practicing self-care.
The Opioid Epidemic: It Starts With Us
By Guest Writer Gabby Houck. Underneath Doylestown lies a festering wound that only seems to be getting worse: an opioid epidemic is hiding in the shadows of this suburban safe haven.
Real World Weight-Loss Tips
By Guest Writer Sheila Olson. The wellness industry has twisted our expectations regarding what it takes to lose weight. Extreme workout trends tell consumers that we need to push our bodies to the point of injury if we want those flat abs.
Top 8 Health Strategies You Can Do Daily
By Guest Writer Sheila Olson. Being healthy sometimes feels like an immense goal, but it also sounds a lot like giving up the things you love. However, you can still be healthy and eat and do what you love. Here are a few ways you can be healthy on a daily basis while still being happy.
Is Your Home Making You Sick?
By Guest Writer Sheila Olson. Here Is What You Can Do About It - Humidity, Cleaning Products, Heating and Cooling
Getting Your Zzz’s: Tips for an Effective Sleep Routine
By Guest Writer Sheila Olson. Effects of screens, food, mattress, lighting, video gaming, and more
Getting Your Workout in the Garden
By Guest Writer Sheila Olson. For an effective workout that connects you to the earth as well as your home, try gardening. This outdoor activity helps strengthen your body while contributing to the environment.
These Activities Are Perfect for Restless Kids Who Are Stuck Indoors
By Guest Writer Sheila Olson. As much as kids enjoy splashing around in mud puddles or having snowball fights, the weather is sometimes simply too nasty to go outside. However, just because kids are stuck indoors doesn't mean they need to be bored. Here are five fun activities to keep your kids entertained and learning no matter what the forecast looks like.
Safely Work Out in Cold Weather
By Guest Writer Sheila Olson. Just because it's cold outside doesn't mean we want to pass up on our exercise routines. Staying healthy and active is important in every month. The good news is there are ways to safely keep yourself in shape or well.
Staying Fit: How to Keep That New Year's Resolutions
By Guest Writer Sheila Olson. Many of us make a resolution to get fit in the new year, but it can be hard to keep that promise.

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